The Basics of Biface Knapping

This newest edition of THE BASICS OF BIFACIAL KNAPPING IN THE EASTERN FLUTED POINT TRADITION: A MANUAL FOR FLINTKNAPPERS AND LITHIC ANALYSTS by Dr. Errett Callahan was produced with the permission of Dr. Callahan in the effort to keep this extremely important volume available to archaeologists, students and flintknappers. THE BASICS is, unarguably, the most important and most referenced work pertaining to the stages of biface manufacture in the archaeological literature.

The text of this new edition is unchanged from the previous Fourth Edition except for the addition, on the cover and first page, of the web sites from which this book will be available for purchase: and This new edition is also printed on very high quality 60 lb. paper.

With the purchase of this new edition, you will receive by email a PDF of Callahan's latest revisions (2011) of Generic Biface Stages and Clovis Biface Stages.

The Basics of Biface Knapping

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What Bruce Bradley says about The Basics:

“The early literature is comprehensively discussed by Callahan (1979:8-24) and need not be repeated here. It was in this same treatise that Callahan's pioneering work set the stage for more intensive examination of the full range of Clovis bifacial technology. Most subsequent work has heavily relied on his publication (e.g., Saunders 1990; Morrow 1995). We are also guided by many of Callahan's concepts…”

Bradley, Bruce A., Michael B. Collins and Andrew Hemmings
2010 Clovis Technology. International Monographs in Prehistory. Archaeological Series 17. Ann Arbor, Michigan 3:56.
Morrow, J.
1995 Clovis Point Manufacture: A Perspective from the Ready/Lincoln Hills Site in Jersey County, Illinois. Midcontinental Journal of Archaeology 20(2):167-191.
Saunders, T.
1990 Adams: The Manufacturing of Flaked Stone Tools at a Paleoindian Site in Western Kentucky. Persimmon Press, Buffalo, NY.

The inside back cover of this new edition has a list of books by Dr. Errett Callahan as they were listed in the Fourth Edition. Some of these are still available, some are not.

Also available from Mike Frank at are beautiful, realistic epoxy casts of the Callahan Stages, produced from replicas made by Dr. Errett Callahan. These casts are an excellent addition and companion to THE BASICS by Dr. Errett Callahan.

All of the replicas that Dr. Callahan made and illustrated for the Basics are available for research at The Schiele Museum. For anyone interested in this research collection please contact:

The Schiele Museum
1500 East Garrison Blvd.
Gastonia, NC 28054